The response for all kind of skins

Drasanvi launches it new line of natural cosmeticsDrasanvi has just launched a wide range of natural cosmetics to meet the main needs that are presented daily in different types of skins.  Products ranging from shampoo, to facial cream, body lotion, bath gel and serum. Drasanvi has just launched a wide range of natural cosmeticsAll of them developed on base of the main natural assets (Tea Tree, Hemp, Olive, Rosehip and Argan) that mainly benefit hydration, regeneration and care of body and hair.  As a point of differentiation, it stands out that it is a world first, since there are almost none cosmetic lines completely certified as ecological, in our case by ECOCERT.For dried and punctured hair or mature skins it is recommended the products based on Rosehip, which are able to hydrate and regenerate quickly and effectively.  With those that contain Tea Tree you will purify acne prone skin, while the shower gels and Olive Oil and Argan shampoos nourish and repair dry and devitalized hair and serve as anti-wrinkles and firming, respectively. Finally, if the objective is to moisturize and soften, it is advisable to opt for the products made with Hemp, compound with essential oil of Ylan Ylang.

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