Drasanvi colabora con el Rafa Nadal Tour

Sponsors of Rafa Nadal Tour by Mapfre

León, July 17, 2015

Rafa Nadal Tour by MAPFRE is a youth tennis circuit powered by the tennis player and benefiting Rafa Nadal Foundation.  Of Sub-12 and Sub-14 masculine and feminine categories, this is the second edition of the Tour that consists of 7 stages and a Master.

Drasanvi joins this solidarity support project promoted by Rafa Nadal Foundation, which is entering in its seventh and final stage in Madrid.  The tournament is held at the International Tennis Club of Majadahonda, in Madrid, from 18 to 25 July.  Drasanvi actively participates with its own booth, where all participants will receive a gift of the brand.

Rafa Nadal Tour by Mapfre
Rafa Nadal Tour by Mapfre

The circuit was born in 2014 with the desire to complete the sports competition with a slope of education, enhancing the participants’ values such as effort, fellowship and personal improvement. This formative aspect has a prominent role in the Tour, with specific activities for young people.

Also, the celebration of Rafa Nadal Tour by MAPFRE will raise funds to finance the projects of the Foundation Rafa Nadal, which will offer educational programmes through sport to disadvantaged children and young people at risk of social exclusion.

Parallel to the sporting competition, Rafa Nadal Tour by Mapfre aims to promote indispensable values and attitudes for correct development of young people, such as the effort, the fellowship and the personal improvement. In this sense, the second edition of the circuit continues to stand out for including this formative aspect through dynamics and value trainings ​​that are developed during the tournament.

Drasanvi is sponsoring this project along with other brands such as Kia, Mapfre, Nike, Coca Cola, Playstation, Sportters, Fyord, Mueller, Babolat, I-consports and PortAventura, a fundamental support that helps to achieve that this tournament is positioned as one of the most important Youth sports competitions in Spain.