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Barley grass is collected from young barley plants that have not exceeded 25 cm in height. In this way, we ensure the use of all the minerals and vitamins contained in its leaves. It is also important to note its high percentage of Chlorophyll, which acts as a potent antioxidant.

There are differences between barley as a cereal and barley grass. Fresh sprouts are used in Barley Grass to preserve all of its essential vitamins and amino acids. Consuming it with a source of carbohydrates is a good idea for people who do sport.


Ingredient Quantity/ daily dose
Organic barley grass powder (
Hordeum vulgare)
10 g

Free from artificial colours, added sugars and preservatives.

How to use

Add  a dessert spoon to your smoothies and shakes, juices, vegetable drinks, green sauces, vegetable cream or any recipe.
Add it once the dish is tempered.

1 dessert spoon = around 2 grams


Contains 125 g (4.4 oz.)

Additional info

Rich in Vitamin C, contributing to the formation of collagen for healthy bones and cartilage

The selection of young shoots

In order to obtain all the properties of barley, it is important to select young shoots, for only in this way high amounts of chlorophyll can be obtained. Older shoots undergo a change regarding their nutritional value, one of the consequences of which is the significant drop in chlorophyll levels.

Organic certificate

We meet the highest quality standards during the collection and processing of the barley grass we use, which has led it to become a certified organic product.

Nutrition Facts

Per 100g

Ingredients %/100 g Quantity/100 g
Fats 3.4% 3.4 g
of which saturated fat 1.05% 1.05 g
Carbohydrates 34.3% 34.3 g
of which are sugars 2.2% 2.2 g
Fibre 26.5% 26.5 g
Proteins 20.1% 20.1 g
Salt 0.12% 0.120 g

270 Kcal · 1131 KJ per daily dose (10 g)

Ingredients % NRV Quantity/ 10 g
Vitamin A 73.7 % 589.9 ?g
Vitamin C 37.5% 33 mg
Vitamin B1 12.7 % 0.01 mg
Potasium 105 % 210 mg
Calcium 109 % 87.6 mg
Iron 104 % 1.4 mg

% NRV (Nutrient Reference Values)