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Sport Live - Coconut Water

Coconut Water is gaining popularity due to its alleged health benefits. Coconut water is refreshing, rich in electrolytes and low in calories, a unique drink well suited for sports people. Drasanvi’s Coconut Water is extracted from organic coconuts from SriLanka, where they are grown and harvested respecting the environment. The use of fresh and tender coconuts that have not started to ripen, delivers the highest quality possible along with an unbeatable taste. A drink tinged with a unique flavour and properties!


Organic Coconut water
Vitamin C

Free from artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners and added sugar.

How to use


350 ml

Additional info

Low calorie and high refreshing power, ideal to consume while you exercise.

Drasanvi's Coconut Water comes from green, fresh and tender coconuts from Sri Lanka. This gives us organic certification.



Nutrition Facts


INGREDIENTS per 100 ml
Energetic value 17 Kcal/71 KJ

of which saturated

0,2 g

0 g


of which sugar

3,3 g

2,95 g

Proteins 0,3 g
Salt 0,557 g