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Propolis Balsamic Syrup 250 ml

Propolis balsamic syrup is a food supplement rich in vegetable extracts and propolis. The vegetable extracts we use include: Red Poppy, Great Mullein, Common Marsh Mallow, Dwarf Everlast, Thyme, Pine and Fennel. We have used propolis of the highest quality. Propolis is a resinous mixture that bees make from resinous compounds of plants. Propolis is made up of resins, balsams, essential oils and other organic matter, in particular flavonoids such as quercetin and galangin. Propolis balsam syrup comes with a dosage cup, which allows you to measure your dose  accurately and drink it directly.


Ingredients Quantity / daily dose
Liquid extract
160 mg
Common Marsh Mallow liquid extract
Althaea officinalis L.
100 mg
Lime liquid extract
Tilia cordata
60 mg
Red Poppy liquid extract
Papaver rhoeas L.
50 mg
Great Mullein liquid extract
Verbascum thapsus L.
40 mg
Echinacea fluid extract
Echinacea angustifolia DC
40 mg
Dwarf Everlast dry extract
Helichrysum arenarium (L) Moench equivalent of 160mg of the plant (extract: 4:1)
40 mg
Pure pine essential oil
Pinus sylvestris extracted by steam distillation
20 mg
Pure thyme essential oil
Thymus vulgaris L extracted by steam distillation of its flowers
7 mg
Pure fennel essential oil
Foeniculum vulgare Miller extracted by steam distillation
3.04 mg
Other ingredients:
Corn syrup, water, glycerine (vegetable based), potassium sorbate and citric acid.

Free from added sugars and colourings.

How to use

Shake well before use.
Take 10 ml in the morning and 10 ml in the evening.


It contains a bottle of 250 ml (8 fl oz).

Additional info

Propolis of the highest quality

Propolis is a resinous mixture created by bees to keep their hives sterile. This ingredient contains many valuable properties, which depend on the quality of the propolis itself. Its quality depends on the source, the extraction process and its correct preservation. Drasanvi has used the highest quality of ingredients for its entire Propolis range, especially when it comes to the ingredient propolis itself.

  • Un-waxed propolis, i.e. we have removed the wax to get a purer form, richer in active ingredients.
  • Standardised propolis, i.e. this guarantees the high and uniform quality of the active ingredients (including galangin). We can guarantee the quality of the product and the uniformity of each batch for its entire shelf life.

The synergies between vegetable extracts and essential oils

Propolis balsam syrup contains vegetable extracts and essential oils. Essential oils are a mixture of various chemicals, biosynthesised by plants, that give the characteristic aromas of certain flowers, trees, fruits, herbs, spices and seeds. Plants create these essential oils to protect themselves from disease, to keep away insects and predators or to attract those insects that will help them pollinate. The oils we used are 100% pure and come from natural sources.

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