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Oseogen mobility

Oseogen mobility is a unique nutritional supplement that incorporates in its composition nutrients like Marine Collagen, Chondroitin, Glucosamine Sulfate and Curcumin.

Thanks to the presence of Turmeric, it helps to relieve muscle and joint pain.

We have studies of bioavailability, which guarantee the assimilation of the product.


Ingredients (mg/daily dose)
Pea Protein
Pisum sativum
4833 mg
as Calcium citrate
420 mg

2000 mg

Hydrolysed Marine Collagen
Low molecular weight
1900 mg
Glucosamine HCL 1500 mg

       as Magnesium carbonate

       as Magnesium citrate

367.75 mg



Chondroitin Sulfate
from marine origin
500 mg
Curcuma longa Vahl. 
200 mg 
32 mg
Ananas comosus (L.) Merril
100 mg
as Ferrous fumarate

14 mg 

44 mg
Vitamin C
as Ascorbic acid
30 mg
Vitamin B3
as Nicotinamide
16 mg
Vitamin B5
as Pantothenic acid
6 mg
Vitamin B12
as Cyanoccobalamin
2,50 mg
Vitamin D3
as Cholecalciferol
2 mg
Vitamin B6
as Pyrodoxine Hydrochloride
1,4 mg
Vitamin B2
as Riboflavin
1,4 mg
Vitamina B1
as Thiamine Hydrochloride
1,1 mg
as Sodium selenite
55 ?g

0,1 mg

Other Ingredients:
Maltodextrin, flavours and sweetener.

No artificial colours, preservatives or added sugars.

How to use

Take two (2) measuring cups (15 g) diluted with water or juice, right after breakfast.

It is recommended the use of this product for at least 5 months.


It contains 300 g (10.58 oz)

Additional info

Hydrolised Marine Collagen

Our Collagen is sourced from fish. According to one study published by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry*, Marine Collagen is more easily assimilated by the body than Collagen from other sources, such as bovine or porcine Collagen.

Our Collagen is hydrolysed. In other words, it has undergone enzymatic hydrolysis, a unique process in which enzymes facilitate the cleavage of Collagen into smaller molecules (peptides) that are more easily assimilated by the body.

*Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 55(4) 1532-1535 (2007)


Calcium and Magnesium citrate

Oseogen® includes two essential minerals: Calcium and Magnesium, in their citrate form.

With bioavailable Turmeric

Turmeric is a plant with a wide range of proven health benefits, including anti-inflammatory and joint pain benefits. The problem is that Turmeric is not easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, we have selected a Turmeric Extract with a high percentage in soluble Curcumin, which has a faster and more effective assimilation. This claim is supported by studies analyzing multiple indicators such as absorption, action rate and permanence time in the blood stream.

This is because a high percentaje of soluble Curcumin is included, being this Curcumin more easily assimilated by the body.

Easy to dissolve, orange flavour

Oseogen® is easy to dissolve and has a pleasant orange flavor, making it easy for you to take it every day.

Nutrition Facts

per daily dose (15 g)

Ingredient Percentage Amount
Calcium 52,5 % 420 mg
Magnesium 98 % 367,75 mg
Iron 100 % 14 mg
Selenium 100 % 55 µg
Vitamin C 37, 5 % 30 mg
Vitamin D 100 % 5 µg
Vitamin B1 100 % 1,1 mg
Vitamin B2 100 % 1,4 mg
Vitamin B3 100 % 16 mg
Vitamin B5 100 % 6 mg
Vitamin B6 100 % 1,4 mg
Vitamin B12 100 % 2,5 µg

% NRV (Nutrient Reference Values)