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Oseogen Bones

Contributes to the normal functioning of bones under normal conditions. Oseogen® bones is a unique food supplement that contains in its composition nutrients such as ipriflavone and lysine, which are reinforced with 3 vitamins and 3 minerals. The way to administrate the minerals makes this supplement unique and special. In its composition it includes calcium that contributes to the normal functioning of bones under normal conditions.


Ingredients Quantity / daily dose
Coral calcium
Calcium carbonate
Calcium citrate
Calcium Phosphate
900 mg
294.34 mg
195 mg
195 mg
300 mg
Magnesium citrate
195 mg
L-Lysine 90 mg
Vitamin C
Ascorbic acid
20 mg
Vitamin D
1.98 mg
Copper gluconate
1.95 mg
Vitamin A
Retinol acetate
0.48 mg
Other Ingredients:
Magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide and gelatine (casing).

Free from added sugars, sweeteners, colourings and preservatives.

How to use

Take 3 capsules a day with your main meals (one per meal) with water or juice.
We recommend that you take this product for at least 5 months.


It contains 72 capsules of 880 mg.
Total weight: 63,30 g (2.23 oz)

Additional info

Made with 4 sources of calcium

Drasanvi’s Oseogen® bones contains 4 different sources of calcium: calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, calcium phosphate and coral calcium.

Magnesium and calcium in citrate form

Oseogen® bones contains essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium. We have added these in their citrate forms.

Coral calcium

Of all the sources of calcium we have added, we want to highlight coral calcium which is extracted from reefs and shells. It is rich in calcium as well as other minerals that are important for healthy bones.

Nutrition Facts

daily dose (3 capsules)

Ingredient Percentaje quantity
Vitamin D 100% 0.005 mg
Calcium 64% 512 mg
Vitamin A 60% 0.48 mg
Copper 27% 0.273 mg
Vitamin C 25% 20 mg
Magnesium 6% 26.25 mg

% RDA (Recommended daily amount) 0.71 Kcal · 2.98 Kj