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Nutrabasics - Macerated Garlic 500

Garlic is widely used in the Mediterranean culture, cuisine and tradition due to its strong flavor and valuable properties. Some of the bioactive compounds that provide garlic’s characteristic taste and smell are: Allicin, Phosphorous, Silicon and B Vitamins.


Macerated Garlic Oil
Allium sativum L.
1.500 mg

.0,75 mg
Other ingredientes:
Gelatin and glycerin

Free from colourings, preservatives and added sugars.

How to use

Take 3 softgels a day, divided into main meals.


Contains 90 softgels of 700 mg.
Total Weight: 63 g (2,22 oz).

Additional info

Standardised Oils

One of the most important advantages in our formulation is the use of standardised extracts which means that active ingredients are kept constant over time. In the case of Garlic oil, it is titrated in Alliin, providing 0,75 mg per daily dose.

Macerated Garlic

The garlic that we include in our softgels is macerated in oil. This is the only way that garlic active ingredients are present in significant amount (ajoenes and vynil ditiines).

Concentrated and easy to take doses

The use of concentrated and titrated oils allows us to provide the same dose in just three (3) softgels.


We make every effort to ensure that our Tonalin CLA softgels are free of the most common allergens, in particular gluten.

Blister packs

Our Tonalin CLA softgels come in blister packs. Blister packs protect products against adverse external influences that may affect its quality or potency (such as mechanical damage and environmental factors like moisture or biological contamination), ensuring their composition for extended periods of time.