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Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid, which means the body is able to synthesize it. Nonetheless, in certain circumstances your body may need more Glutamine that it can make. In these cases, taking a Glutamine supplement may be helpful.

Being an amino acid, Glutamine constitutes a building block of essential proteins such as those found in muscles and in the immune system.

Our L-Glutamine is free-form, which is the same form that our body synthesizes.


Ingredients mg / Daily Dose
Kyowa L-Glutamine 10000 mg

No artificial colours, no preservatives, or added sugar.

How to use

Take 5g of Glutamine in 100 ml of water at breakfast and take 5g more after working out.

This is the recommended dose for adults with an average body weight of 80 Kg (adjust the proportion depending on the body weight).

* A flat dosage cup equals 5 g.


Contains 300 g (10,58 oz)

Additional info

Free-Form Glutamine

Free-form amino acids are important because they are more easily absorbed into the body. Glutamine-HCl (Hydrochloric Acid) is another of several different forms of Glutamine that can be found in the market.

KYOWA Glutamine

Kyowa is a global leader in amino acid manufacturing, combining quality and innovation in the manufacturing process.

Kyowa produces amino acids through a plant-based fermentation technology (instead of through laboratory synthesis or duck feathers). Therefore, Kyowa amino acids are free of chemical or synthetic additives.

Suitable for Vegetarians

Our amino acids are extracted from plant-based foods. We also use vegetable capsules, so our supplements are suitable for vegetarians.

Powder Form

Powder supplements allow for dosage adjustment based upon each person’s situation and needs.

Neutral Flavour

Our L-Glutamine has a neutral flavour and it can be consumed by everyone or mixed with other products without altering their taste.

Free from Allergens and Other Contaminants.

Our manufacturing system and our rigorous quality controls ensure that our products are free from allergens and contaminants. Hence, we guarantee our product quality.

No Doping

High-quality sports and a healthy lifestyle is our motto. That’s why we strictly adhere to stringent labelling norms. In addition, our raw materials and manufacturing processes undergo rigorous quality controls, ensuring the safe use of our supplements in sports.