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Collmar Hair

Collmar Special Hair is a dietary supplement that supports hair health through the synergistic action of its two principal ingredients: Keratin and Enzymatically Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen. These two proteins are naturally found in hair. Furthermore, this supplement contains Biotin and Zinc, which also contribute to hair growth.


Enzymatically Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen (Type I)
very low mol
ecular weight
5.000 mg
Keratin 250 mg
Zinc Gluconate
with contribution in Zinc 14,36%
75 mg
10,8 mg
Bamboo Dry Extract
(Bambousa arundinacea (Retz.) Willd. with contribution in
Silicium 75%.)
40 mg
30 mg
Sodium Selenite
with contribution in
Selenium 46%
0,12 mg
in D-biotin form
0,1 mg
Another ingredients: Wheat Maltodextrin
, Raspberry Flavour .

How to use

Mix 10 g (2 doser scoops) with water or juice.
We recommend taking this supplement for a minimum period of three months.


Container with 350 g (12.34 oz) of product

Additional info

Marine Collagen is rich on Aminoacids

Collagen used in Collmar comes from fish. A recent research (J Agric Food Chem 55(4) 1532-1535 (2007)) has proved that Marine Collagen is more easily absorbed than collagen that comes from other sources, such as collagen from pig parts. Collmar has a high percentage of Glycin, Prolin and Hydrosiprolin (the most important aminoacids in collagen) and other essential aminoacids.

Enzymatically Hydrolised

The collagen we use has undergone a unique process in which it is broken down into tiny fragments, so that they can be easily absorbed by the body. This process has been made through enzymatic hydrolisis. In this way we managed to break down the collagen in specific places making it easily absorbed.

Titrated Extracts

Another important advantage in our formula is the use of titrated extracts. That means that the plants that we use always give a known and constant amount of organic Silicium. In our case, Silicium is obtain from Bamboo dry extrat, wity 75% in Silicium, which means that 40 mg of Extract provide 30 mg of Silicium.

Nutrition Facts


Biotin 200% 0,1 mg
Zinc 108% 10,8 mg
Selenium 100% 55 µg

% DV (Daily Value)