Aleppo Soap


Aleppo Soap is one of the first known soaps in history, whose origin dates back to 2000 years ago. Thanks to tradition, its formula has passed from generation to generation, to our days.Its secret lies in its components, which make it a dermatologically mild soap. It does not contain dyes, preservatives, perfumes or chemicals. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive and delicate.Thanks to olive oil, we get a nourished and smooth skin, and Vitamin E produces an antioxidant effect. On the other hand,  oil helps us to regulate oily skin, while reducing the possible irritations of sensitive skin.Ideal to clean face and body, as well as to use it in shaving, as it will help to prevent possible cuts from becoming infected.


200 g soap bar (7,05 oz)


Olea europaea fruit oil, Laurus Nobilis Leaf Oil, Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide.

Cosmetic table

Traditional recipe: Olive oil, 30% laurel berries oil, water, sodium hydroxide.


Do not eat. Avoid contact with the eyes.

Wet your hands with warm water and then gently rub the soap to create foam. Apply on face and body. 

Manufactured according to the traditional method

The fame of Aleppo soap is due to its ingredients although it is the manufacturing method, which respects the aging and correct drying times, which makes it worthy of it.At present, and due to modern manufacturing systems, many Aleppo Soaps use the correct ingredients, but not the artisanal extraction process, depriving the product of many of its properties. Knowing this importance, Drasanvi uses a traditional method to obtain his Aleppo Soap. 

30% oil of laurel 

Our soap provides at least 30% of laurel  oil. This amount is essential for this soap to have fat regulator properties.