Marketing and Communication

Drasanvi has its own Marketing and Communication department that is responsible for ensuring the reputation on and off line of our brand and our products, as well as to treasure our value our values of quality and innovation:

  • Corporate Communication and PR: relationship with the press events, materials for different targets: press, B2B clients, employees, sales force, distributors and final consumer.
  • Online Communication: there is a website, several domains for specific lines (,,, etc) and also a blog Our social media accounts with their own attractive content, which also work as a channel for customer service in real time.
  • Publicity: advertising insertions in newspapers and magazines, banners, native advertising, radio ads, branded content, both in mass media and specialized channels.
  • Promotion: Sponsorships, international shows and events, leaflets and brochures, point-of-sale promotions, etc.
  • Design: well-thought corporate image and packaging designed with its own distinctive style, which translates our brand values of quality and innovation.