Drasanvi colabora con la fundacion Rafa Nadal en el proyecto de Study and Play

Collaboration with Study and Play of Rafa Nadal Foundation

With this project financial support is given to young people who need to access a scholarship in the USA to study and compete in a sport.

Collaboration with Study and Play of Rafa Nadal Foundation
Collaboration with Study and Play of Rafa Nadal Foundation

Drasanvi in ​​collaboration with the Foundation Rafa Nadal and I-Con Sports promote the Study and Play project, which runs parallel to the Foundation’s education and sports programmes, aimed at children and young people who are in socially disadvantaged or in risk situations of social exclusion.

In the same vein as Rafa Nadal Foundation, Drasanvi strongly believes in the importance of sports values ​​and is a part of this project, which offers young people practicing sport with regular and full dedication, the possibility of accessing to scholarships, which the American universities grant to continue studying and competing at the same time.

Being part of this programme can determine the present and the future of these young people, avoiding that they have to choose between studying or continuing their sports career.

With this program, Rafa Nadal Foundation, Drasanvi and I-Con Sports, offer all the tools to apply  for a university scholarship, taking into account both their academic and sports level.

In this way, Study and Play programme will give young athletes the opportunity to compete in their sport in the USA universities by providing them with additional financial support for the scholarship that the university can offer them, thus minimizing the cost for those students who need it.