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Collaboration with Study and Play of Rafa Nadal Foundation

With this project financial support is given to young people who need to access a scholarship in the USA to study and compete in a sport.

Collaboration with Study and Play of Rafa Nadal Foundation
Collaboration with Study and Play of Rafa Nadal Foundation

Drasanvi in ​​collaboration with the Foundation Rafa Nadal and I-Con Sports promote the Study and Play project, which runs parallel to the Foundation’s education and sports programmes, aimed at children and young people who are in socially disadvantaged or in risk situations of social exclusion.

In the same vein as Rafa Nadal Foundation, Drasanvi strongly believes in the importance of sports values ​​and is a part of this project, which offers young people practicing sport with regular and full dedication, the possibility of accessing to scholarships, which the American universities grant to continue studying and competing at the same time.

Being part of this programme can determine the present and the future of these young people, avoiding that they have to choose between studying or continuing their sports career.

With this program, Rafa Nadal Foundation, Drasanvi and I-Con Sports, offer all the tools to apply  for a university scholarship, taking into account both their academic and sports level.

In this way, Study and Play programme will give young athletes the opportunity to compete in their sport in the USA universities by providing them with additional financial support for the scholarship that the university can offer them, thus minimizing the cost for those students who need it.

Drasanvi’s success at Vitafoods 2017 reinforces its image abroad

The biggest event in the world nutraceutical sector

It is very clear to Drasanvi that healthy living habits do not have any boundaries and, for the second consecutive year, it was presented with its products at the Vitafoods Europe trade show, the major international gathering of professionals and experts on supplementation and nutrition, which took place in Geneva, Switzerland, between 9 and 11 May.

Drasanvi was presented with its products at the Vitafoods Europe

During three days, a team of company professionals has been able to meet with a great number of new distributors and industry experts for the future collaboration and development of interesting market routes that allow Drasanvi to fulfill its objective of being present in all the continents.

In addition, Vitafoods 2017 was also the perfect opportunity to advertise the new image of Super Foods that will be on sale soon.  The recent lines Sport Live and Natural Phyto-aromatherapy Cosmetics and the already consolidated Collmar and Oseogen aroused the interest of the great majority of attendees to the event, which revalidated the success of the products and the company.

One year collaborating with Rafa Nadal Foundation and the tennis player

The aim of ‘Study and Play’ is to promulgate university training among young athletes.  The anniversary coincides with the signing of the agreement with Rafa Nadal as an international image of the brand.

The Foundation Rafa Nadal and Drasanvi celebrate a year of collaboration since signing an agreement with the aim of boosting the education and sports projects of the foundation.  They are mainly developed in Spain and India, placing sport practice as the axis of all its programmes, aimed at achieving optimal social development of socially disadvantaged children and young people.  For this, Rafa Nadal Foundation uses sport as a tool to enhance their fundamental attitudes and values.

For example, during this first year Drasanvi’s participation was decisive in the creation of the ‘Study and Play’ programme, developed by Rafa Nadal Foundation in collaboration with I-Con Sports, which facilitates to young athletes with full dedication, the possibility of acceding to the scholarships that the American universities grant.  “It is very important for the sports world that the reconciliation between academic training and professional sport is encouraged,” says Óscar López, President of the leader company in the food supplements area.  “And Rafa Nadal Foundation does a great job in this sense,” he adds.

In addition to collaborating with the foundation, Drasanvi has Rafa Nadal as ambassador of the brand, being its international image, and the protagonist of the campaign “Always by the side of those who make a difference”.

The company, which is in the process of international expansion, is identified with the values ​​of the tennis player, since according to López, Drasanvi “is continually researching new formulations and developing new and increasingly effective products.  And it is this desire for improvement that, just like Nadal, allows us to make a difference with respect to our competitors“.

Drasanvi is also an official sponsor of Youth Circuit of Rafa Nadal Tennis Tour by Mapfre, which is held annually in different Spanish cities and which profits go to the Tennis Foundation.

Sponsors of Rafa Nadal Tour by Mapfre

León, July 17, 2015

Rafa Nadal Tour by MAPFRE is a youth tennis circuit powered by the tennis player and benefiting Rafa Nadal Foundation.  Of Sub-12 and Sub-14 masculine and feminine categories, this is the second edition of the Tour that consists of 7 stages and a Master.

Drasanvi joins this solidarity support project promoted by Rafa Nadal Foundation, which is entering in its seventh and final stage in Madrid.  The tournament is held at the International Tennis Club of Majadahonda, in Madrid, from 18 to 25 July.  Drasanvi actively participates with its own booth, where all participants will receive a gift of the brand.

Rafa Nadal Tour by Mapfre
Rafa Nadal Tour by Mapfre

The circuit was born in 2014 with the desire to complete the sports competition with a slope of education, enhancing the participants’ values such as effort, fellowship and personal improvement. This formative aspect has a prominent role in the Tour, with specific activities for young people.

Also, the celebration of Rafa Nadal Tour by MAPFRE will raise funds to finance the projects of the Foundation Rafa Nadal, which will offer educational programmes through sport to disadvantaged children and young people at risk of social exclusion.

Parallel to the sporting competition, Rafa Nadal Tour by Mapfre aims to promote indispensable values and attitudes for correct development of young people, such as the effort, the fellowship and the personal improvement. In this sense, the second edition of the circuit continues to stand out for including this formative aspect through dynamics and value trainings ​​that are developed during the tournament.

Drasanvi is sponsoring this project along with other brands such as Kia, Mapfre, Nike, Coca Cola, Playstation, Sportters, Fyord, Mueller, Babolat, I-consports and PortAventura, a fundamental support that helps to achieve that this tournament is positioned as one of the most important Youth sports competitions in Spain.

The response for all kind of skins

Drasanvi launches it new line of natural cosmetics

Drasanvi has just launched a wide range of natural cosmetics to meet the main needs that are presented daily in different types of skins.  Products ranging from shampoo, to facial cream, body lotion, bath gel and serum.

Drasanvi has just launched a wide range of natural cosmetics
Drasanvi has just launched a wide range of natural cosmetics

All of them developed on base of the main natural assets (Tea Tree, Hemp, Olive, Rosehip and Argan) that mainly benefit hydration, regeneration and care of body and hair.  As a point of differentiation, it stands out that it is a world first, since there are almost none cosmetic lines completely certified as ecological, in our case by ECOCERT.

For dried and punctured hair or mature skins it is recommended the products based on Rosehip, which are able to hydrate and regenerate quickly and effectively.  With those that contain Tea Tree you will purify acne prone skin, while the shower gels and Olive Oil and Argan shampoos nourish and repair dry and devitalized hair and serve as anti-wrinkles and firming, respectively. Finally, if the objective is to moisturize and soften, it is advisable to opt for the products made with Hemp, compound with essential oil of Ylan Ylang.